Worst Blackjack Strategy: imitation of the dealer

For relative newcomers Blackjack is one of the seemingly best blackjack strategies to mimic the dealer. After all, the dealer has an advantage over every player, so if you do exactly the same strategy, how to use them, you should not break even in the long run? In theory, it seems so, but the percentages say much different. But before we get to that, let’s talk about what brings the imitation of the dealer.

If you mimic the dealer in blackjack, you hit until you have at least a hard 17 or better, regardless of the dealer upcard. So if you have a 16 and the dealer upcard is 4, you would still concerned because the house rules “require” to do so. Okay, anyone who knows even a basic knowledge of blackjack strategy, that this is a terrible move, but it does not work for the dealer, so why not?

But here’s the big catch in all of this: the dealer acts seconds, so even if you made both bust, the dealer gets your bet because you first break. This raises a huge crimp in the facial expressions of the dealer strategy, and is an important reason why it is terrible. In fact, a 5.5% edge to give you the house of stupid mimics the dealer. Actually, the house edge would be even worse at 7.8%, but as long as you are payouts in a table that provides 3:02 blackjack, the house edge drops again to 5.5%.

Even still, that’s a terrible strategy to use for each knowledgeable blackjack players. Even beginners who think the goal of blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible, can be better than that, the strategy of the dealer copy rate. So to make a long story short, do not always mimic the dealer, or you’ll regret it if the losses are piling up.