Dealer Tells in Blackjack

Apart from counting cards, one of the most fascinating pieces of blackjack strategy involves spotting dealer says. If you have not told by the blackjack dealer is one concept, do not feel bad because most players are still with the fact that people won money by counting cards in love.

In any case, says blackjack dealer revolve around the idea that you can find out which area of the cards the dealer it is based view their hole card on the way. Sure it’s not an exact science, but if you can do, then you could win a long-term advantage for the house.

If the dealer is a small card that make them look of 2-6, they go a little longer than normal on their card. Finally, it is not easy to raise a ticket to corner and spot a 2-6. So assuming that you see, the dealer raise their card higher and look longer, there is a good chance that they have a small map. On the other hand, dealers can see maps of 7-A much better, so that they do not have to look as long or lift the card up so high.

Some important things about the dealer says is, remember that some dealers are less likely to give them out, because it is not their job, and successfully spotting tells a long time. In fact, you might want to visit a casino, and the righteous and the hands to watch for a while without making any bets. While watching, try to guess what cards the dealer operating on the basis everyone says you might suspect. If you jump it well, on the tables and start playing some money!