Baccarat Tie Bets can be ok

Spend 5 minutes to learn, baccarat strategy, and you will quickly find that baccarat tie bets are terrible. After all, Baccarat betting tie wearing an ugly 14.4% house edge, which is a terrible bet in a game. So that’s it huh …. only the tie bet to avoid, and you will be by sticking with banker and player bets in order. In reality, however, there are cases in which the tie bet is not so bad.

Looking for good tie inserts all depends on finding the best payouts. The most commonly offered tie bet payout 8-to-1, that is, if the house an advantage of 14.4%. However, there are also casinos that offer players 9-to-1 payouts, which lowers the house edge to 4.8%. So just by looking for increased draw disbursements to reduce the house edge to almost 10%! If you have ever played American Roulette before you know that 4.8% is better than the 5.26% house edge on these roulette bets.

So the point is that you can, without add an additional bet to your arsenal of the house a ridiculous edge of looking for tie bets with 9-to-1 payouts. Of course this is not to say that you should give up banker and player bets, because that’s where you deserve the best chance at profits have baccarat. After all, are the banker bet you only the house a 1.06% edge, and banker bets offer the house a 1.24% edge.

However, it is also fun to take a shot at the big payouts with the tie bet. And you can make this bet with a lot more confidence when you find 9-to-1 tie bet payouts. Also, remember that this is not always the easiest thing to do, so you’re going to have to do some research to be done in the matter.